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Member Types

The United Service Club Queensland has two Categories of Membership.

Ordinary Member
Ordinary Members will have full rights, including the ability to vote, to propose or second new members and to serve on the Committee.

Accredited Member
Accredited Members will have limited rights, as determined by the Committee. Accredited Members do not have the right to vote or serve on the Committee.


The category of Ordinary Member will consist of the following membership Classes:-

Any Member who permanently resides within 50 kilometres of the Brisbane GPO

Any Member who permanently resides outside a 50 kilometre radius of the Brisbane GPO

Any Member who has been a Member of the Club for a period or periods totalling not less than 35 years

Any Member who is currently a full time member of the Australian Defence Force, including a member of the Active Reserve

Young Professional
A person under the age of 30 years may be elected as a Young Professional Member. A Young Professional Member may only remain in this Class until reaching 30 years of age, at which time they must transfer to any other class of membership for which they are eligible. No fee will be payable on the transfer.


The category of Accredited Member will consist of the following membership Classes:-

The Committee may invite distinguished or highly respected persons to accept Honorary Membership for a period set for each person by the Committee.

The Committee may make as a Visiting Member of the Club the following persons:-

  • A member of the Diplomatic or Consular Corps for a period not exceeding their tenure of office in Queensland
  • A senior full-time representative of each Service of the Australian Defence Force resident in Brisbane
  • A serving officer of the armed services of a foreign country attached to the Australian Defence Force for a period not exceeding that attachment
  • An applicant for election to membership of the Club until the nomination is endorsed
  • Any person sponsored by a Member for the purpose of using the Club accommodation for a period not exceeding three months continuously
  • Any Member of a reciprocal club, on production of a letter of introduction, for a continuous period not exceeding three months

Any person of the age of 18 years or over to whom the Committee wishes to extend membership on a restricted basis or with limitations on Members’ rights. Associate Members enjoy all the privileges of Membership except that they cannot vote at General Meetings of Members or stand for election to the Club Committee.