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Entrance Fee
A once only Entrance Fee of $250 applies to applications for all categories of membership with the exception of Associate Members.

Note: No Entrance Fee is applicable if a service applicant applies within 6 months of being commissioned.

Annual Subscription
An annual Subscription for membership is levied each June for payment by the end of June. A monthly pro-rata of the annual Subscription rate applies, depending on the month in which a membership application is lodged.

For a full list of 2018-19 Membership Subscription rates, or to download a copy of the Membership Application Form, please click on the below links.

Membership Subscription Rate Sheet

Membership Application Form

Information on Club membership can be obtained from the Club’s Membership Coordinator on 07 3831 4433 or



The United Service Club Queensland (Club) holds public liability insurance for a total cover of $20 million. The Insured as listed on the Certificate of Liability Insurance policy is the United Service Club and the Trustees of 183 Wickham Terrace Limited as trustees of the members of the United Service Club Queensland. This cover extends to Club members while they are involved in Club activities.


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